So, what’s going to happen Friday?

I’ve gotten this question four times today so I’m going to spell out to the best of my knowledge what will happen on Friday during surgery to repair my separated pelvis (diastasis symphysis pubis).

iPad photo of my x-ray

Dr. Sojka explained that after I’m “under” and the incision is made, he will remove the disk of cartilage (the symphysial disk), between the two bones. Then he’ll use a clamp to bring the bones together and screw the plate into place with six screws. The scar tissue that grows in response to removing the cartilage will act as the new cartilage. Not using my pelvis for 10 to 12 weeks will give that scar tissue a chance to grow and protect my bones from scraping at each other. He explained that they are very similar in consistency and this procedure has worked well for his patients.

He made it sound easy, routine, typical even. His experience and comfort level with the procedure were extremely comforting.

But it is by far the most invasive, most intense medical procedure I have ever experienced. I am so looking forward to waking up, getting better.

Here’s what I’ve found about the procedure online. It reads scary. But I keep reminding myself that most people who face this surgery also have other injuries, from car or motorcycle crashes or bad falls. I am lucky this is all I have to deal with.

A friend — in fact my only non-work friend in this entire community — came to visit this evening. Our husbands have been best friends since high school and they went to a concert tonight. She delivered a beautiful daughter by emergency c-section in December. While the babies played we chatted about life. I asked her about her c-section recovery, she asked about what will happen during surgery.

My incision is similar in technique to a c-section, but lower. Her experience was incredibly valuable. She said it was incredibly difficult to do anything for two weeks. She was walking and doing things I won’t be allowed to do, but he was very uncomfortable. It made me glad that I have two weeks off. And glad that I have an understanding boss who helped me identify projects I can complete from home if I need to.

I just hope my family and friends who are coming to help are ready for whatever we are in for.

I also was comforted today by my coworker who has shared some of her granddaughter’s experience with me. Two years ago the girl was in a horrible car accident. The same surgeon helped her and she is doing great now. My coworker brought the adult potty seat today. It’s in the backseat of our family car now — ready to be unloaded in the new place tomorrow.

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