Posted in December 2012


This week my family has proved the adage that timing is everything. The day after my final physical therapy appointment the tables turned. Fewer than 24 hours after my final appointment I became the “healthy” one and my husband became the one with a mobility challenge. I sustained a separated pelvis during childbirth in January … Continue reading

Taking my own advice

Taking my own advice

In September I wrote that “It’s not life if there are not challenges.” This week I need to take my own advice. It has been a whirlwind last few days, with more challenges flung our way. My last physical therapy appointment was Thursday (more to come about that in another entry). We also had the … Continue reading

“Ignorance is bliss”

The last few days have given me a new appreciation of the phrase “ignorance is bliss.” The phrase used to make my skin crawl. Anytime I heard it I couldn’t help but think “No. Ignorance means you don’t care enough about yourself or others to learn the truth.” But Sunday, Monday and today have taught … Continue reading

The letter

This weekend, before my husband left for a four day road trip, I wrote the letter I’d been dreading. I put it off for months because of all of the emotions wrapped up in it and my need to be constructive. I dreaded writing it because I thought it would take me all day to … Continue reading

Still breathing

I had another Guess what! moment today. I held a plank for a minute on each side. I hadn’t made it that far at home, but Amy said “I bet you can do a minute” and she was right. She talked to me the whole time so I couldn’t hold my breath. That’s a great … Continue reading

Amazing AG

In the past few months, and because of this blog, I have made a friend. She is the sister of a good friend with whom I once shared a cubicle wall. She’s a new first-time mommy who works full time, like me. And although I’ve never met her in person I know I could talk … Continue reading

Seven minutes, 45 seconds

Today’s physical therapy was awesome. I started stretching by myself while Amy took care of something and when she came back to the room she said “Look at you, showing off.” She has this way of making me realize how far I’ve come. It’s good for me. Not like how someone you don’t really know … Continue reading

A deck of cards

A deck of cards

Sometimes my husband is a genius. I’m stressed, which makes him stressed, which makes us not have any fun together and get more stressed. Tonight, he had an idea that brought us both back to the present. We played Rummy. Just to 500 and just for fun. But it was something completely different from the … Continue reading

The accessible stall

The accessible stall

A friendly word of advice: When all of the stalls are open and there is no need for you to use the wheelchair accessible restroom stall, don’t do it. I haven’t needed to use said stall in weeks and every time I walk into the bathroom near my office I’m grateful for that. But today, … Continue reading

Guess what I can do

Guess what I did yesterday? I used an elliptical machine for six minutes! Six. Whole. Minutes. I started out slow and Amy adjusted the machine so all I had to think about was moving my legs. We talked through what it felt like, I adjusted my feet on the pedals so my left hip didn’t … Continue reading