Posted in November 2012

Now I’m jealous

I’ve been digging online again for more resources on a separated pelvis during childbirth and I keep running into stories of women who describe feelings similar to mine, who are constant and then they have another kid. Now I’m jealous. For all the time before surgery at the end of August my husband and I … Continue reading

100 women everyday

Early in this process I discovered a statistic that I have shared here before. Everyday across the globe, 1 in 3,000 women will substantially injury her pelvis in childbirth (or pregnancy). And everyday across the world, about 30,000 women give birth. That means every single day, 100 women experience an injury like mine. It is … Continue reading

That’s out of the way

Well, now that’s out of the way. For weeks I have been anxious about this winter and terrified that a fall on the ice could land me not just on the sidewalk, but back in the hospital. I spent way more than usual on a pair of good, supportive shoes with excellent traction. I even … Continue reading

The Little Guy is OK

We finally got word today that our son does not have a hole in his heart. His pediatrician will continue to monitor him, we will keep up the food diary and take him in for a weight check in about two more weeks. So, as far as I know, his doctor is back to the … Continue reading

Independence day

Independence day

Today I proved to myself that I can take care of my son and do everything required in our daily life on my own. This is an amazing thing. And we’re just getting started. My husband is now in St. Paul, Minn. with the volleyball team for the NCAA DII Regional tournament. GO BLUES!┬áThis is … Continue reading

Staying in balance

At therapy today I did a lot more standing on one leg. These balance exercises are good for me. In the midst of them I feel myself getting stronger. But they are my biggest challenge. When I am throwing a ball at a trampoline and catching it again I have to fight to keep my … Continue reading

A vegan diet for infants is not dangerous

I received a comment today on my post A plant-strong life from a guest to this blog. Although the tone of the comment was neither kind nor constructive, it brings to the forefront a concern that many of our dear friends and family have expressed. I wanted to post the comment and my reply here, … Continue reading

A plant-strong life

A plant-strong life

On Nov. 21, the day before the Little Guy turned 10-months old, our family hit its six-month anniversary of being plant strong. Since May 21, 2012 we have eaten a whole food, plant-based diet with no added oil or white sugar. In that six months, my husband lost 46 pounds. I have returned to a … Continue reading

Two years of magical thinking?

I was talking with my co-worker and probably closest Topeka confidant today about my progress and realized something pretty profound: I am reacting to recovery from my separated pelvis much the same way I have dealt the death of my father. As we talked, I was reminded of Joan Didion’s book, The Year of Magical … Continue reading

Moving with purpose

If success begets success, I’m on a roll! I am really beginning to believe that by the time my son turns 1 my diastasis symphysis pubis, the seven months we struggled with it before surgery and recovery will be behind us completely. As I walked into physical therapy today, I wasn’t thinking about my pelvis … Continue reading