The Little Guy is OK

We finally got word today that our son does not have a hole in his heart.

His pediatrician will continue to monitor him, we will keep up the food diary and take him in for a weight check in about two more weeks.

So, as far as I know, his doctor is back to the theory that he is small for genetic reasons. My co-worker has another idea.

“He had to wait for you to get better. He’s bigger now than he was two weeks ago,” she said. I wondered then if there was some way for that to actually be true.

Then, when I picked him up from daycare today, his teacher said that teachers form other rooms have been commenting on how he is gaining weight. “You can see it in his face and his belly,” she said.

Is there a way his body could know that carrying a baby much heavier than his nearly 14 pounds would be tough? Will he have a growth spurt in the next few weeks that will make everyone relax? I don’t know. I just know my son is a happy kid who eats like a 16-year-old. While I was cooking dinner he drank 2 ounces, ate 15 grapes and 1/4 cup of Cheerios. And he still ate his dinner, about 1/2 cup of rice, beans and veggies. He’s been sleeping since about 7:30. I’m going to follow his lead now.

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