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Show me the baby

You know how sometimes to hear something that just sticks with you? Nearly two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with students at the university who put together a two-day leadership simulation contest. The Leadership Challenge Event takes 11 months to plan and this year brought in 28 teams of high school and … Continue reading

New DSP Community

This is amazing! A while back I set up a Google alert for the term “diastasis symphysis pubis”. It has helped me find some great articles and other momma’s who post on sites like Baby Center. Today, it lead me to a brand new forum called The forum was started this week by Sharon, … Continue reading

The more you know: Birth injuries

No one is perfect. No labor experience is perfect. But unless a professional tells you something is abnormal, you don’t go in expecting trauma. I am grateful every day that it was me who sustained injury rather than my son. That’s not always the case. And sometimes both mother and baby are injured in severe … Continue reading

New Year. New me?

New Year. New me?

This time last year I was very pregnant. I ate a typical American diet, although I was paying attention to nutrition because of my unborn son. I had stopped exercising regularly because I had a regulation-sized basketball trapped under my ribcage and couldn’t do much of anything comfortably. The right side of my lower back … Continue reading

The letter

This weekend, before my husband left for a four day road trip, I wrote the letter I’d been dreading. I put it off for months because of all of the emotions wrapped up in it and my need to be constructive. I dreaded writing it because I thought it would take me all day to … Continue reading

Don’t let my situation scare you

Don’t let my situation scare you

A friend I have known for years is expecting her first baby. This is very exciting and I was thrilled to visit with her today. I learned that she is having some discomfort in her back and hips. This entry is for her because as I thought about it I realized had I known someone … Continue reading

Staying in balance

At therapy today I did a lot more standing on one leg. These balance exercises are good for me. In the midst of them I feel myself getting stronger. But they are my biggest challenge. When I am throwing a ball at a trampoline and catching it again I have to fight to keep my … Continue reading

Brace and wait

Wear a brace and wait. Until last month, that was my entire treatment plan. The brace should push everything back together, I was told, and as my hormones (Relaxin) returned to normal the pain should cease. In most cases this is true. I’m not most people. (And neither are the approximately 100 women around the … Continue reading