Posted in August 2012

Phase 2 progress

For the first time since surgery, I felt good all day. A week ago today, I had surgery to repair my separated pelvis. There is a metal plate across the top of my symphysis pubis and six locking screws holding it in place. The day started with a phone call to a very dear friend … Continue reading

“I’m proud of you”

This time last week, I was just waking up from pelvic reconstruction surgery. As my diastasis sypmhysis pubis has spent a week healing I have been healing in other ways, too. My mom arrived on Sunday. She has been a huge support for me while we are home without my guys. She made today epic. … Continue reading

Introducing Blue Sunshine

I have decided to call my wheelchair Blue Sunshine. The seat and back are blue leather, but I chose Blue Sunshine because it reflects my current state and my hope for the future. I am more blue than I expected to be about how tired, sore and slow I am. But I am gaining hope … Continue reading

On edge

I have never in my life felt as helpless as I did at about 8:05 a.m. My little guy was laying on his belly on the bed while I was on my commode and my husband was in the kitchen preparing the little guy’s oat cereal. The little guy looked at me with that grin. … Continue reading

Another day down

Good things happened today: I didn’t pinch my legs at all today during transfers. SUCCESS! I am less afraid of falling and that is making me safer. I am able to transfer on the board without touching my feet to the floor at all. This is big. While the physical therapist assured me it is … Continue reading

The beginning of the end of breastfeeding

For the first time today I faced the realization that I am weaning my son. Dr. Sojka told me prior to surgery that I would need to wean my son because the hormones that remain active in the body of a breastfeeding woman keep ligaments from tightening. After the discovery of my soft bones, weaning … Continue reading


I have decided three things since I got home from the hospital after surgery to repair my separated pelvis: I will leave my yellow FALL RISK bracelet on until I am “healed.” When I look at it, I am reminded to take it slowly and easily. As soon as I can, I will run as … Continue reading

Home sweet home

I am home safe and sound. I’m exhausted and I’m sore. But I have my new wheels, my transfer board, my commode with the drop-down arms, a loving husband, a smiling son and my doting mother with me at home. Tomorrow I will call to schedule appointments with endocrinology (for that bone density test) and … Continue reading

Transferable skills

Today I learned how to transfer myself from the bed to a wheelchair using a long, skinny plastic board as a bridge. I did this three times successfully, with very little help actually. But it was exhausting. For 12 weeks my pelvis can not carry any weight at all. Those 12 weeks will give the … Continue reading

Finally, Phase 2

We said our see-you-laters at about 10:45 a.m. just before I was wheeled into the operating room. The last thing I remember is Dr. Sojka asking me what kind of music I wanted to listen to. (My husband and I both like his sense of humor.) If I remember right, he went with the Zac … Continue reading