Home sweet home

I am home safe and sound. I’m exhausted and I’m sore. But I have my new wheels, my transfer board, my commode with the drop-down arms, a loving husband, a smiling son and my doting mother with me at home.

Tomorrow I will call to schedule appointments with endocrinology (for that bone density test) and with Dr. Sojka. Both of those will happen in the next two weeks. I’ll also get the paperwork necessary to get a temporary disabled parking permit. And I’ll need to make a list of items I’ll need to make my daily life easier. Tops on that list – a cushion for my 16 x 18 inch wheelchair seat. Right now, my bum goes to sleep.

While I’ll be resting my incredibly sore muscles, my husband will be at work and my son at his school. His school picture proofs should be there tomorrow. How exciting!

I’m excited, too, because while the pain I feel is intense, it is different than I had felt before. In my opinion, bone pain is much more painful than muscle pain. Bone pain is a scary pain because it takes something serious to cause it and it feels that way. Muscle pain reminds me of a good work out, which makes me think “healthy.” Obviously, cutting through my muscles and changing their position on my pubic bones was serious. And the pain proves it. But it need to happen for me to get better.

I’ll write more about my new reality tomorrow. But for now I’m going to sleep.

The little guy, on the floor, drinks a bottle of breast milk while I watch from my wheelchair.

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