Posted in September 2012

Countdown to my legs

My physical therapy readiness evaluation is four weeks away. My pelvic reconstruction surgery to repair my diastasis symphysis pubis was five weeks ago tomorrow. That sounds like a good place to be. I am doing well. No pain medication for two weeks. I’m getting stronger, my arm and shoulder muscles are getting used to the … Continue reading

Too much or just right?

I’m back to wishing life came with a pause button. I’m doing homework for the class I’m taking, preparing my graduate school application and packing a ton into each workday. The simple solution would be to wait on that application, even to have withdrawn from the class once I realized I would have surgery. But, … Continue reading

Care Package

Care Package

I have been lucky in my life to work with amazing people. People who care genuinely and deeply about the wellbeing of those around them. For eight years I worked in a metropolitan newsroom, covering the community — good, bad, happy and sad. And when things were tough I knew there were people in that … Continue reading

“The pain in your eyes is gone”

I just had a wonderfully uplifting interaction with a co-worker that I want to share. As I wheeled into her office to work on some website updating with her, she told me I looked great and she was glad I was back and feeling better. I told her “Everyone has said I look better. I’m … Continue reading

Pushing through

I have decided – based purely on this experience with Blue Sunshine – that a human is not meant to sit all of the time. As my recovery from pelvic reconstruction surgery and diastasis symphysis pubis continues, my newest challenge is the tightness in my muscles. I feel as though there are cinder blocks on … Continue reading

Then and now

I just realized that I haven’t posted my before and after x-rays! I had a long, busy and happy day and I’m worn out so I’ll stick to these pictures for now and explain more later. Before surgery After surgery — you can see my 13 staples in this image, along with the plate and … Continue reading

It’s always something

I’m back to work. Back to knowing what day it is without looking at a calendar. Back to getting up early and getting out the door on time (or as close to it as possible). Back to feeling busy. (So busy I’ve had a hard time finding time to write.) And back to dealing with … Continue reading

Major update

My post-surgery progress is going just as it should. I am nearly three weeks post pelvic reconstruction surgery. My surgeon used six titanium screws and a plate to bring the two sides of my pubis back together. During childbirth more than seven months ago I separated my pelvis, later diagnosed as diastasis symphysis pubis. At … Continue reading


According to the state, I am “disabled”. Sitting at the DMV office this afternoon with my husband was a lot more emotional than I figured it would be. Pretty much everything about Blue Sunshine and not being able to use my legs has felt like an emotional upper-cut, actually. My handicap parking permit is valid … Continue reading

Finally, some good news

I haven’t felt this relieved since January 26. That day the doctors told us the Little Guy’s bilirubin was coming down on its own and he wouldn’t need an exchange transfusion. My husband and I agreed we hadn’t felt this good since that day. I don’t have osteoporosis. I don’t even have osteopenia. My bone … Continue reading