Finally, some good news

I haven’t felt this relieved since January 26.

That day the doctors told us the Little Guy’s bilirubin was coming down on its own and he wouldn’t need an exchange transfusion. My husband and I agreed we hadn’t felt this good since that day.

I don’t have osteoporosis. I don’t even have osteopenia.

My bone density is “cold normal,” said Dr. Graves at the KU Med Center. (He is not the doctor who made me cry in the hospital. He was wonderful.)  He said, according to the scientific data of both my bone density scan and the x-rays of my arms and legs taken in the hospital the day after surgery, there is nothing abnormal about my bones at all. My blood work also showed that my vitamin D level is on the low end of the normal range, not abnormal.

Rather, Graves said, the softness Dr. Sojka noticed during my pelvic reconstruction surgery on Aug. 24 is likely isolated at my pelvis. His best guess is it is caused by the pregnancy and breastfeeding related hormones that have a lot of work to do at the pelvis and are still active within my body.

Graves said that was his speculation and that there were no other tests to be done. “I’d say you don’t need us anymore,” he told us. As he and Dr. Lehil, the fellow who first spoke to me at the hospital (also AWESOME!) left the room, my husband and I shared a high five and giant smiles.

FINALLY, we got some good news.

The doctors agreed that weening my son is crucial and were glad to know I already have started taking 1200 mg of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D3 daily. They said every woman should get that much every day.

We left the Med Center as happy as we have been in a long time. And, lucky for us, we had time to celebrate and enjoy a meal together before going back to real life.

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