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In my dreams

In my dreams

Last night I had an awful dream. Until this point, I have not experienced the “reliving” dreams so common after a traumatic experience. I’m not a clinician so I’m not going to get technical here about what I have experienced since I sustained diastasis of the symphysis pubis in January 2012. (Maybe I’ll write about … Continue reading

Show me the baby

You know how sometimes to hear something that just sticks with you? Nearly two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with students at the university who put together a two-day leadership simulation contest. The Leadership Challenge Event takes 11 months to plan and this year brought in 28 teams of high school and … Continue reading

A great day spurs reflection

I feel like today was my son’s first St. Patrick’s Day, the first for the three of us celebrating together. It wasn’t. My son is coming up on 14 months old. We watched March 17 come and go as a family of three last year. The difference: Last year at this time I was in … Continue reading

“Ignorance is bliss”

The last few days have given me a new appreciation of the phrase “ignorance is bliss.” The phrase used to make my skin crawl. Anytime I heard it I couldn’t help but think “No. Ignorance means you don’t care enough about yourself or others to learn the truth.” But Sunday, Monday and today have taught … Continue reading

The letter

This weekend, before my husband left for a four day road trip, I wrote the letter I’d been dreading. I put it off for months because of all of the emotions wrapped up in it and my need to be constructive. I dreaded writing it because I thought it would take me all day to … Continue reading

Independence day

Independence day

Today I proved to myself that I can take care of my son and do everything required in our daily life on my own. This is an amazing thing. And we’re just getting started. My husband is now in St. Paul, Minn. with the volleyball team for the NCAA DII Regional tournament. GO BLUES!┬áThis is … Continue reading

Finally, some good news

I haven’t felt this relieved since January 26. That day the doctors told us the Little Guy’s bilirubin was coming down on its own and he wouldn’t need an exchange transfusion. My husband and I agreed we hadn’t felt this good since that day. I don’t have osteoporosis. I don’t even have osteopenia. My bone … Continue reading

Rough night

The Little Guy had a fitful night. He went to sleep great at 8:30 p.m., just like any other night. But just before 1 a.m. he was up and practically inconsolable. I am not exaggerating when I say this has happened maybe three times since he was a four-month-old. This morning, my husband had to … Continue reading

Imagining the future

I have been imagining more and more lately what it will be like to be in a wheelchair for 12 weeks. Will I be able to do things for myself? Will I feel safe alone? Will I still find ways to be the kind of wife and mother I want to be? Will it be … Continue reading