Posted in September 2012

Wheelchair, work and worry

I’m frustrated. We had a house full this weekend. It was amazingly welcome and surprisingly trying all at once. All of our visitors are among my favorite people. They came ready to work, hug and pamper me. They were happy, excited and hungry to make my life easier. Can’t beat that. But. Unpacking meant figuring … Continue reading

Game Day

I’m not sure when I will be able to take my son to his first live football game, but he got a good taste of the game today from the living room. I had pelvic reconstruction surgery two weeks ago to repair the diastasis symphysis pubis (separated pelvis) sustained during childbirth. My son was born … Continue reading

Bath time

Today was a good day for a bath. Company’s coming, see, and I don’t want to look greasy. My sister and her two girls and a dear college friend and her fiancĂ© are on the way to my apartment as I write this. Today was just my second head-to-toe scrub town in officially two weeks. … Continue reading


Shots suck. Each day I have to give myself two of them. The medicine is a blood-thinner that is keeping me healthy while I can’t use my legs. It’s a subcutaneous shot. That means it has to go under the skin, rather than in a muscle or vein. Basically, I grab some belly, clean it … Continue reading

Rough night

The Little Guy had a fitful night. He went to sleep great at 8:30 p.m., just like any other night. But just before 1 a.m. he was up and practically inconsolable. I am not exaggerating when I say this has happened maybe three times since he was a four-month-old. This morning, my husband had to … Continue reading

Lucky girl

I am a lucky, lucky girl. My husband got a card at work today. It was addressed to both of us. From the sister of a good friend of mine. A woman I have never met in person. My friend had told her about this blog and she cared enough to track down my husband’s … Continue reading

Out for a stroll

Today was a great day. So good that my guys and I went for a stroll. After resting for most of the day in bed, I got up and put on real clothes. Something I haven’t done since before surgery. Even on surgery day I wore pajamas. Awesome milestone. After dinner and a quick visit … Continue reading

Ready in mind

I feel like I could run laps. SERIOUSLY! I haven’t felt this good, physically, since probably the first week of 2012. I’m getting stronger. I didn’t take any pain medication today. This is amazing. But I can’t use my legs for another 80 days or so. My challenge now becomes getting comfortable with Blue Sunshine … Continue reading