Bath time

Today was a good day for a bath. Company’s coming, see, and I don’t want to look greasy. My sister and her two girls and a dear college friend and her fiancé are on the way to my apartment as I write this.

Today was just my second head-to-toe scrub town in officially two weeks. I’ve decided taking a bath is like writing. It’s challenging, but it feels great when it’s over.

If there was a shower on the first floor of the townhouse we moved into I could have gotten a shower chair. If so, I could use my transfer board to get into a shower chair and take a fairly normal shower. But, that wasn’t what we found so my mom is teaching me to make due with a sponge bath in a wheelchair.

me from the back, in the wheelchair, scrubbing my hair.After the first “bath” last week I learned it wasn’t smart to park my chair on the carpet. So today I set up in the kitchen. I parked between the cabinets and the refrigerator and washed my hair with a foam cooler full of warm water sitting on my lap.

Mom helped me rinse away the shampoo and washed my back. And she created a place to put that box of warm water so I could reach hit without worrying about knocking it over.

The whole process probably took 40 minutes. I ended up with a puddle of water around me and Blue Sunshine needed a good wipe down, too. But I got clean.

I’m completely free of medical tape residue! My wound-drain hole is healed enough to not need any bandaging. My incision is in good shape, too, and we decided not to worry about a bandage for that either.

We thought about taking my staples out ourselves, too. My mom did that sort of thing often when she worked as a nurse. We decided not to, though, because my pubis was very tender. It’s still a bit swollen, too. And, I figured the staples will have to be removed during my appointment Tuesday anyway, before I can have the bone scan. They’ll be able to help numb my pubis first, and that won’t be bad.

The ordeal of this bath was a good reminder of the things I took for granted before January 22. And I’m sure I will appreciate showers 10 weeks from now like I never have before. The power of perspective is an amazing thing.

Next week’s bath will be just before my return to the office. Something to look forward to!

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