Shots suck.

Each day I have to give myself two of them. The medicine is a blood-thinner that is keeping me healthy while I can’t use my legs.

It’s a subcutaneous shot. That means it has to go under the skin, rather than in a muscle or vein. Basically, I grab some belly, clean it with an alcohol swab, take the cap off of the pre-measured syringe, stick the needle into that chunk of my belly and plunge the medicine into my body.

It sounds as unpleasant as it feels.

Sometimes the random piece of my belly that I grab is really tender and I wish I would have picked a different spot. Once stopped and picked a new spot all together.

Every time I give myself one of those shots I am reminded of why my husband and I decided to make a commitment to a whole food, plant-based diet. I will not give myself insulin shots the way my father did until his last day, at 54 years old, when diabetes took his life.

My son, sleepingI will dutifully give myself these blood-thinning shots for the next 10.5 weeks because I have to. But I will do it with as much of a smile as I can muster because of of my son, my husband, my family, friends and everyone out there who is pulling for me to fully and completely recover.

THANK YOU for your support, encouragement and love.

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