Game Day

I’m not sure when I will be able to take my son to his first live football game, but he got a good taste of the game today from the living room.

I had pelvic reconstruction surgery two weeks ago to repair the diastasis symphysis pubis (separated pelvis) sustained during childbirth. My son was born naturally, and healthy, in January. I expect to spend the next 10 weeks unable to use my legs. If I’m not in my bed, I’m in a wheelchair.

I love watching football. It started while watching the Baltimore and then Indianapolis Colts with my Dad, and watching his enthusiasm for big plays and good effort. It was contagious. I now watch every game, live or from the comfort of my living room, with passion for good football.

Last season, I went to every Ichabods home game and cheered on an amazing amount of effort and talent. I was pregnant, closer to the transformation of motherhood with each game. I couldn’t help but wonder if my son would want to play, or if he would watch like I do, or even want to get involved behind the scenes like his Daddy in the pressbox.

The Little Guy sleeping on my chest during the first quarter of the Iowa State vs. Iowa game, with our Iowa State bear.The idea of teaching him the love of the game is a happy one. Too bad the game we watched today wasn’t a great example of how terrific football can be. But I’m thrilled that the first game he watched was my Iowa State Cyclones, who beat the Iowa Hawkeyes today. The final score was 9-6 and the game was sloppy on both sides. But my Cyclones won and I’ll be proud of it all year.

The Little Guy slept for a good chunk of the first quarter — the part of the game that actually felt good. But he watched me and two dear friends from college who are visiting this weekend, as we hollered at the television.

I watched the game from my wheelchair, ate veggies and hummus and felt normal. I’m glad the rhythm of life continues to nudge me forward.

Tomorrow: His first Colts game. Kickoff is at noon.

By Superbowl Sunday I’ll be back on my legs.

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