Out for a stroll

Today was a great day. So good that my guys and I went for a stroll.

After resting for most of the day in bed, I got up and put on real clothes. Something I haven’t done since before surgery. Even on surgery day I wore pajamas. Awesome milestone.

After dinner and a quick visit from my father-in-law as he passed through on his way back to Omaha, we headed out.

Our place isn’t accessible so my husband had to wheelie me out of the house and down a curb — as he will have to do every time we come and go until I can use my legs. I wheeled through the parking lot as my husband pushed the Little Guy in the stroller. And I quickly learned something I wish I had known earlier.

Blonde woman in wheelchair speeding down a hill with no breaks, in Seinfeld episode The Handicap SpotBlue Sunshine is old and worn out. The right side wheel (when I’m setting in it) is ridiculously worn. There was virtually no traction and I felt a bit like the woman at the end of the Seinfeld episode “The Handicap Spot” who goes flying down a hill with no brakes. I got home safely but I did not feel comfortable with the chair. My left arm was doing all the work and I couldn’t really control it.

The guys got me home then headed for HyVee for some groceries. They enjoyed the walk. I had wanted to join them. Maybe next time.

I will call the company that rented the chair to me tomorrow and see if I can exchange the chair, or at least get a new wheel on that right side. I want to be able to do the things we would be doing if I had the use of my legs.

The jostling on the route caused some pain at my pelvis so I took one pill before getting ready for bed. It helped and I’m feeling strong now. I am so excited that things have progressed so quickly. And I can’t wait to see Dr. Sojka to tell him all about it.

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