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Holiday preparation offers chance to reflect

We’ve made a good dent in holiday shopping and we’re preparing to visit family during the holiday. As we rush to get everything finished and make our trip, I’m reminded of my son’s first Christmas. I had sent Blue Sunshine back to the rental company and stowed the walker in the closet. I was graduated … Continue reading

Giving thanks

A friend and colleague and I were talking the other day about exercise and how just a few days away can make a profound impact. He works out daily to stay in shape and keep off weight. I stretch and do a rotation of physical therapy exercises to stay limber. The importance of movement for … Continue reading

Phase 3

It just hit me that we are not in Phase 2 anymore. Phase 2 was the nickname I gave the period of surgery and after. At the time I came up with it I’m pretty sure I assumed that Phase 2 would last the rest of my life. It was life after a separated pelvis. … Continue reading

Working out the kinks

What an amazing weekend. I started out bummed because my son and I would miss out on the Saturday football game and volleyball match on campus. After a trial run of getting the Little Guy in the car by myself — which wasn’t completely successful – I opted for staying home. I was bummed to … Continue reading


I have said many times during this journey with diastasis symphysis pubis that I am lucky. Lucky to have a loving husband and a beautiful, happy son. Lucky to live near a surgeon who knew how to help me. And now lucky to have a physical therapist who is is raising two young boys. Amy … Continue reading


I’m making great progress at physical therapy. But in the last week my right SI joint has flared up again. Amy has been great every step of the way and today we tried both ultrasound heat and massage. It feels pretty good right now. The hardest part about this phase of my recovery from diastasis … Continue reading

Out for a stroll

Today was a great day. So good that my guys and I went for a stroll. After resting for most of the day in bed, I got up and put on real clothes. Something I haven’t done since before surgery. Even on surgery day I wore pajamas. Awesome milestone. After dinner and a quick visit … Continue reading