I have said many times during this journey with diastasis symphysis pubis that I am lucky. Lucky to have a loving husband and a beautiful, happy son. Lucky to live near a surgeon who knew how to help me. And now lucky to have a physical therapist who is is raising two young boys.

Amy told me during our second visit something that I will forever appreciate. She went home after our first visit and thought about everything she does with her two boys that uses her pelvis. Stepping over toys, crawling on the floor pushing Hot Wheels, helping them into and out of the car, kneeling to find socks or put on shoes, literally dozens of things. She’s taken that list and designed a Mommy Training Camp for me.

Today I walked over hurdles, one foot after the other, both forward and sideways. Each time I do that one she tells me I’m stepping over toys. Last week I practiced tall kneeling, getting down onto the floor and up again and crawling.


I’ve needed pain medication a few times this week, but one is enough and I feel like I am getting more out of my sleep time. Excellent.

Amy’s given me practical advice, too.

  • Keep some pillows downstairs in case I decided to get down on the floor. If I’m on my side, a pillow between my knees makes a huge difference in comfort.
  • Push yourself, but listen to your body.
  • Celebrate each new victory. Smile about it. Take pictures. High-five, whatever.
  • I’m sure this list will grow.

Thank you, Amy.

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