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They say no news is good news

My posts are a lot lest frequent lately and some of you have asked about this. I am living proof that no news is good news — at least lately. I have so much to be excited about and so much I want to share but I’ve been busy being healthy. Here’s my best example … Continue reading

Wild Thing

In an effort to ensure my pelvis remains strong for the rest of my life, I’m taking a yoga class. I’m a bit more than four months post pelvic reconstruction surgery and about three weeks shy of a year from the day I separated my symphysis pubis during the natural birth of my son. From … Continue reading


This week my family has proved the adage that timing is everything. The day after my final physical therapy appointment the tables turned. Fewer than 24 hours after my final appointment I became the “healthy” one and my husband became the one with a mobility challenge. I sustained a separated pelvis during childbirth in January … Continue reading

Still breathing

I had another Guess what! moment today. I held a plank for a minute on each side. I hadn’t made it that far at home, but Amy said “I bet you can do a minute” and she was right. She talked to me the whole time so I couldn’t hold my breath. That’s a great … Continue reading

Seven minutes, 45 seconds

Today’s physical therapy was awesome. I started stretching by myself while Amy took care of something and when she came back to the room she said “Look at you, showing off.” She has this way of making me realize how far I’ve come. It’s good for me. Not like how someone you don’t really know … Continue reading

Guess what I can do

Guess what I did yesterday? I used an elliptical machine for six minutes! Six. Whole. Minutes. I started out slow and Amy adjusted the machine so all I had to think about was moving my legs. We talked through what it felt like, I adjusted my feet on the pedals so my left hip didn’t … Continue reading

Don’t let my situation scare you

Don’t let my situation scare you

A friend I have known for years is expecting her first baby. This is very exciting and I was thrilled to visit with her today. I learned that she is having some discomfort in her back and hips. This entry is for her because as I thought about it I realized had I known someone … Continue reading

All patched up and ready to go

All patched up and ready to go

There were days I thought what happened to day never would. There were many excruciating days before my pelvic reconstruction surgery to repair diastasis symphysis pubis sustained during childbirth. And on many of those days in the months after our son’s birth in January 2012, my husband and I wondered if I would ever get … Continue reading

That’s out of the way

Well, now that’s out of the way. For weeks I have been anxious about this winter and terrified that a fall on the ice could land me not just on the sidewalk, but back in the hospital. I spent way more than usual on a pair of good, supportive shoes with excellent traction. I even … Continue reading

Staying in balance

At therapy today I did a lot more standing on one leg. These balance exercises are good for me. In the midst of them I feel myself getting stronger. But they are my biggest challenge. When I am throwing a ball at a trampoline and catching it again I have to fight to keep my … Continue reading