Small victories

It has been a long road, but I am on my way.

This list is everything I have done since I started physical therapy that I wasn’t able to do at all or wasn’t able to do comfortably before surgery to repair diastasis symphsis pubis that I sustained during the January 2012 delivery of my son.

  • Picking up my son from the floor
  • Giving my husband a proper hug while standing and supporting all of my own weight.
  • Sitting with my son on the floor
  • Crawling as I push a toy for my son
  • Carrying my son from one room to another or walking with him to soothe him
  • Taking my son from the house to the car and putting him in his car seat*
  • Rinsing my son’s cloth diapers**
  • Stepping over something on the floor without worrying about toppling over.
  • Standing with my feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart
  • Standing long enough to take a shower
  • Standing from a sitting position without using my arms.
  • Sitting from a standing position without using my arms.
  • Walking up and down stairs of our apartment
  • Walking from the living room to the kitchen and back without having to mentally gear up first.
  • Walking backward
  • Walking into my son’s daycare classroom (for the first time since August 23) and talking with his teachers
  • Getting myself a glass of water
  • Getting a bottle off the shelf
  • Starting laundry, moving laundry to the dryer, moving laundry to a place to be folded, putting folded laundry away.
  • Vacuuming
  • Picking up and putting away toys
  • Actually looking forward to completing a chore

*I was not able to stay hunched over long enough to buckle his seat.
**I can only do about two before my back really hurts

These are my goals for the next seven days:

  • Carry something that weighs about as much as the Little Guy up and down the stairs for practice.
  • Walk to my class across campus with my walker.
  • Improve the flexibility in both legs
  • Remember to tighten my abs while I’m walking in order to build strength
  • Use heat at the end of the day before I take a pain pill (to determine if heat is enough first).

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