Care Package

I have been lucky in my life to work with amazing people. People who care genuinely and deeply about the wellbeing of those around them.

For eight years I worked in a metropolitan newsroom, covering the community — good, bad, happy and sad. And when things were tough I knew there were people in that room were on my team, had by back. When we moved last year I knew I would miss those people as much or more than I would miss the job I had dreamed of doing since I was nine-years-old. I was worried that I would lose the comfort, even confidence, that comes from working with people who are sincere and truly caring.

Since arriving here and beginning my new job at the university, I have learned there are people of that caliber everywhere. I am lucky now to call a new circle of wonderful people my friends and co-workers. Today, one of those deeply caring people brought a care package for me.

hand-held massager and mirrorShe’s a great listener and took our conversation yesterday to heart. As we talked, she empathized with my tight muscles and reassured me that I looked put together even though I hadn’t seen myself in a mirror since before surgery. We talked about fears, goals and progress yesterday. And today she wrapped it all into this package.

A battery-powered , handheld massager with round knobs to really get in there made my back and shoulders feel better even while I worked. And the mirror will allow me both to feel more confident in the morning and take better care of myself. The other items will help me feel better, too. And most of all, I know she’s got my back.

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