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Care Package

Care Package

I have been lucky in my life to work with amazing people. People who care genuinely and deeply about the wellbeing of those around them. For eight years I worked in a metropolitan newsroom, covering the community — good, bad, happy and sad. And when things were tough I knew there were people in that … Continue reading

Pushing through

I have decided – based purely on this experience with Blue Sunshine – that a human is not meant to sit all of the time. As my recovery from pelvic reconstruction surgery and diastasis symphysis pubis continues, my newest challenge is the tightness in my muscles. I feel as though there are cinder blocks on … Continue reading

Ready in mind

I feel like I could run laps. SERIOUSLY! I haven’t felt this good, physically, since probably the first week of 2012. I’m getting stronger. I didn’t take any pain medication today. This is amazing. But I can’t use my legs for another 80 days or so. My challenge now becomes getting comfortable with Blue Sunshine … Continue reading