Too much or just right?

I’m back to wishing life came with a pause button.

I’m doing homework for the class I’m taking, preparing my graduate school application and packing a ton into each workday. The simple solution would be to wait on that application, even to have withdrawn from the class once I realized I would have surgery.

But, as my husband put it today: “Is it ever going to be perfect?”

Short answer, “No.”

Just like we couldn’t wait “until we had enough money” to start our family, there will be no perfect time to further my education. My mom took three classes each semester while she earned her master’s in health administration. She was working full time and had my sister, me and my dad to care for.

My husband is right that there won’t be a perfect time. The world keeps spinning around the sun no matter what I do or don’t do. So I’ll hope for the best. I’ll go for it.

Just like we went for it this weekend and made a trip to see family. We got to enjoy conversation with family even though my husband had to drive tired. It was worth it to see them, to hear their voices and to share hugs.

Just like my coworkers and I went for it on Friday, when we celebrated my return to non-lactation at a bar across the street from campus.

And just like my mom, my son and I went for it Saturday afternoon when we hauled ourselves to campus to watch our volleyball team sweep its opponent in a performance that would move them from 5th to 3rd in the national Division II poll.

Nothing is ever perfect. But sometimes it can be just right.

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