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Keep Breastfeeding!

Keep Breastfeeding!

Research matters, and a small group of scientists in Norway is keenly interested in Diastasis Symphysis Pubis. Lucky for all of us, a longitudinal study of thousands of Norwegian women has provided data for them to mine. A study released in October in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, concludes that women who … Continue reading

Staying in balance

At therapy today I did a lot more standing on one leg. These balance exercises are good for me. In the midst of them I feel myself getting stronger. But they are my biggest challenge. When I am throwing a ball at a trampoline and catching it again I have to fight to keep my … Continue reading

Empty and full

Empty and full

I have a confession: I’m no longer a breastfeeding mom. But I am still a Mom. And I will soon be a healthy one. It has been more than two weeks since I last breastfed my son. We began the process of weaning on Aug. 24, the day I had pelvic reconstruction surgery to repair … Continue reading

Too much or just right?

I’m back to wishing life came with a pause button. I’m doing homework for the class I’m taking, preparing my graduate school application and packing a ton into each workday. The simple solution would be to wait on that application, even to have withdrawn from the class once I realized I would have surgery. But, … Continue reading

Wheelchair, work and worry

I’m frustrated. We had a house full this weekend. It was amazingly welcome and surprisingly trying all at once. All of our visitors are among my favorite people. They came ready to work, hug and pamper me. They were happy, excited and hungry to make my life easier. Can’t beat that. But. Unpacking meant figuring … Continue reading

Rough night

The Little Guy had a fitful night. He went to sleep great at 8:30 p.m., just like any other night. But just before 1 a.m. he was up and practically inconsolable. I am not exaggerating when I say this has happened maybe three times since he was a four-month-old. This morning, my husband had to … Continue reading

Ready in mind

I feel like I could run laps. SERIOUSLY! I haven’t felt this good, physically, since probably the first week of 2012. I’m getting stronger. I didn’t take any pain medication today. This is amazing. But I can’t use my legs for another 80 days or so. My challenge now becomes getting comfortable with Blue Sunshine … Continue reading

The beginning of the end of breastfeeding

For the first time today I faced the realization that I am weaning my son. Dr. Sojka told me prior to surgery that I would need to wean my son because the hormones that remain active in the body of a breastfeeding woman keep ligaments from tightening. After the discovery of my soft bones, weaning … Continue reading

My selfless sister

My selfless sister

My younger sister and I are very different people. I am five-and-a-half years older and we have lived very different lives. But our bond is stronger than any pair of siblings I have ever known. When I could’t get out of bed two days after delivering my son, she packed up her three-month-old, arranged for … Continue reading

Always a balance

Today’s lesson: When things are out of balance, they right themselves. I learned today that there is a chance I will have to take some time off without pay. It got my mind racing about how we’re going to keep all of our financial balls in the air throughout this stretch. Like most, we have … Continue reading