Always a balance

Today’s lesson: When things are out of balance, they right themselves.

I learned today that there is a chance I will have to take some time off without pay. It got my mind racing about how we’re going to keep all of our financial balls in the air throughout this stretch. Like most, we have some savings but not enough to cover all of these sudden developments. Right now, the extra rent we owe when we get our new keys, the Omaha house going on the market (obviously, the biggest worry), a new washer and dryer and potential lost pay create a scenario that feels insurmountable.

The balance to that stress came in today’s mail. A dear friend sent us an unexpected card and check. “Use it to pay someone to do what I would do to help you if I lived closer,” she said. It won’t solve our problems, but it is a tremendous help. We will absolutely put it to good use. And it was a mental gift as much as a financial one. I am so touched by the help, support and generosity of the people in our life.

We’re also rich in another way. Today I added some extra breast milk to the freezer. It brought the total frozen to 100.25 ounces. (Yes, I meticulously keep track.) That means I’ll have one less thing to worry about if things are nuts for the first few days. The only surgery I’ve ever had was on my eyes when I was a child. I have no idea how many days I will feel “out of it” and I know I won’t want to be holding the little guy if it doesn’t feel safe.

Diastasis Symphysis Pubis has challenged us in crazy ways. But it will not break us.


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