I’m learning

I am learning that it is OK to ask for help. A lot of help and help for a lot of stuff.

Today, one of my co-workers got my lunch out of the microwave. I was worried I may drop it en route to my desk because of the walker. She helped willingly and gave me props for asking. I did it. But I said: “I think I need some help,” and I thought it was ridiculous even while it was coming out of my mouth.

I was raised in North Dakota, where self-reliance is king and you’re not sick unless you’re bleeding from your eye sockets. But it’s also a place where those who know and love you will do anything to help, when you don’t ask for it. They’ll help you bring your car battery in the house when it’s 40 below and help you put it back in the morning. Or drop off six pounds of venison because their freezer was full (I haven’t always been plant strong), you get the idea.

Now we’re asking for help with our cats, packing our place, cleaning our place, moving to the new place, unpacking, cooking meals, staying with me during the day, staying with me and the little guy when we’re home without Daddy, the list seems endless. But I don’t think there is another way. I am already so grateful for the help we have received, the scheduling and preparing our friends, family and coworkers are doing.

I even called the Dr. today to ask for pain medication. My husband was right this weekend. There is no reason to suffer just to suffer. There are times to suffer for the people and there are times to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

I am going to learn a lot from this process. It will change me forever. For the better.

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