New wheels?

We learned our lesson yesterday and when we got to the hospital today Jeremy got me a wheelchair. It was HUGE for me — like the one I used at the airport last week. I know the standard lend-a-chair needs to be one-size-fits-all, but it made it difficult for me to push the wheels. My wingspan was too short. I put both feet on the same footrest because we couldn’t figure out how to move the rests closer together. If I had used both, I may as well have been walking. The one I’ll be using will be meant for my frame.

The chair got the job done. I was able to wheel myself from the curb to the elevator, to the family lounge and room and back-and-fourth down the hall. And honestly, I haven’t felt this strong at 4 p.m. in a long time.

Trying out the wheelchair today gave me some confidence. I have a plan to participate in the university’s employee wellness 5K training program, in the chair. I talked with the wellness coordinator about it and she said there are two different pieces of exercise equipment at the recreation center that I could use to increase my arm strength. I’ll need the doctor’s OK, of course. I will update on that when I know more.

I told the coordinator last week, and some family today, that if I have to be in a wheelchair for 10-12 weeks I might as well get Michelle Obama arms out of it. That woman has amazing arms. Plus, it would give the three of us a chance to train for and run a race together. My husband did a 5K in Lawrence a few weeks ago while Clark and I watched. This time, he could push the little guy in the stroller and I could wheel along side.


I’m still in pain but I definitely didn’t mind picking my feet up when we got back to the house. I described the ache to my husband today, this blog has gotten us talking more about what I feel is going on. It feels like someone pounded on my pelvis with a brick or something – over and over – a few days ago. Then add the burning sensation and the pain in my back. He was shocked. I guess I’ve been hiding some of this too much. Someday this diastasis symphysis pubis will be behind us.

In other exciting news:The little guy’s third tooth is poking though. He is such a good sport and still pretty smily. His smile fills me up.

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