Phase 2 progress

For the first time since surgery, I felt good all day.

A week ago today, I had surgery to repair my separated pelvis. There is a metal plate across the top of my symphysis pubis and six locking screws holding it in place.

The day started with a phone call to a very dear friend to wish her a happy birthday. It was terrific to hear her voice, rather than exchange emails, as we have gotten used to.

Then I had that breakthrough with my mom I wrote about earlier today.

This afternoon, our friends brought a tuck-load of stuff from the old apartment. I’m bummed that they will be moving out of town soon.

When the Little Guy got home from school he had a painting for me with red and purple hand swirls. His teachers added “Get Well Soon. I Love You.”

My husband stayed for dinner (rice and beans that he started in the slow cooker before he left this morning). Tonight is his last working at the hold apartment. He said he had a few more boxes and some cleaning before he can drop off the keys. He deserves this long weekend more than anyone I know. I hope it does feel like a vacation to him.

A few hours ago my father-in-law stopped by on the way to see his parents. He brought gobs of goodies from my mother-in-law. All sorts of snacks, stuff to do and a small wastebasket so I won’t have to wheel to the kitchen with trash after my next shot.

He couldn’t stay long because Hurricane Isaac was dropping buckets of rain on our drought-ridden state. But he’ll be back Monday.

When he left I realized how good I still feel. Then I realized that I have only taken two pain pills today – one at breakfast and one at lunch. I will take one more before bed and smile knowing that my muscles are getting stronger and I am getting better.

I can’t wait to see what 11 more weeks will do.
pills in plastic case

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