Posted in November 2012

Every day I’m thankful

Someone said to me today: “I bet this Thanksgiving will be special for you.” It got me thinking. I’m pretty sure this was a reference both to my son’s first holiday season and to the fact I’m no longer using the wheelchair I affectionately named Blue Sunshine. But what this person didn’t know about me … Continue reading

I’m back!

I asked my husband today if he thought it would be weird to bring Dr. Sojka a present when we see him for my follow-up appointment on Dec. 6. He said it would. And I protested: “But he gave me my life back!” I thought about that a lot today. It is so true. Nearly … Continue reading

Still no answers

There are still no results to report on our son’s echocardiogram. It has been a week since the test was taken and with the Thanksgiving holiday coming, I’m betting we won’t hear for several days. As my dear friend, Nicole, said last night: “Don’t these people know that WAITING IS THE WORST?!?!?!?” Our primary comfort … Continue reading

No failures here

As a kid, I often heard things like “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “God only gives you what he knows you can handle.” This year has been a test of both of those adages for me and for my family. And maybe my challenge is preparing me, preparing us, for challenges to … Continue reading

Working out the kinks

What an amazing weekend. I started out bummed because my son and I would miss out on the Saturday football game and volleyball match on campus. After a trial run of getting the Little Guy in the car by myself — which wasn’t completely successful – I opted for staying home. I was bummed to … Continue reading


On Nov. 1 I was confronted with some serious swings of emotion. I want to share this story here to comfort anyone else who spends a temporary stretch in a wheelchair I used my walker to get back and forth to the restroom that day. On my way back to my office, as I walked … Continue reading


I have said many times during this journey with diastasis symphysis pubis that I am lucky. Lucky to have a loving husband and a beautiful, happy son. Lucky to live near a surgeon who knew how to help me. And now lucky to have a physical therapist who is is raising two young boys. Amy … Continue reading

Small victories

It has been a long road, but I am on my way. This list is everything I have done since I started physical therapy that I wasn’t able to do at all or wasn’t able to do comfortably before surgery to repair diastasis symphsis pubis that I sustained during the January 2012 delivery of my … Continue reading

She’s got this

My best friend for the last 19 years is receiving cancer treatment. She was first diagnosed with Acute Meyloid Leukemia in August 2010. She beat it that time with her husband, two daughters, parents, sisters and nephews by her side in our hometown hospital. This time, her doctors sent her to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, … Continue reading


I’m making great progress at physical therapy. But in the last week my right SI joint has flared up again. Amy has been great every step of the way and today we tried both ultrasound heat and massage. It feels pretty good right now. The hardest part about this phase of my recovery from diastasis … Continue reading