Still no answers

There are still no results to report on our son’s echocardiogram. It has been a week since the test was taken and with the Thanksgiving holiday coming, I’m betting we won’t hear for several days.

As my dear friend, Nicole, said last night: “Don’t these people know that WAITING IS THE WORST?!?!?!?”

Our primary comfort is the knowledge that the Little Guy does’t hurt. He’s happy. He eats well. And today, he laughed hysterically when I blew warm air on his feet. He is a joy and he is joyful. If he was too tired to play or something this would feel much differently.

Thank you for your notes, calls and support. Whatever our path holds for us, we will get through it together. We have learned in the last year that we are a tough little bunch. My guys and I can take it — together!

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