A deck of cards

photo of playing cards fanned out on my lapSometimes my husband is a genius.

I’m stressed, which makes him stressed, which makes us not have any fun together and get more stressed. Tonight, he had an idea that brought us both back to the present.

We played Rummy. Just to 500 and just for fun. But it was something completely different from the everyday routine. And it was just what I needed.

This process has pushed and pulled us to what feels like the ends of the Earth. I’m not the best communicator when I’m stressed or sad. I clam up and shut down. When he’s stressed, he just goes along like nothing is happening until all the sudden he’s smacking his keyboard or kicking a pillow. Then it’s back to his uber-mellow exterior. He has yet to admit that he’s under a lot of pressure because of my injury, surgery or recovery. Neither my way nor his is a perfect approach, certainly.

Today, he noticed I was clammed up. It took me until after the Little Guy was asleep to tell him what was going on. I used my lunch break today to research therapists in our area who are certified in the type recommended to me last week. According to a registry of therapists I found, there are six of them in our community. Based on their self-written profiles on that registry, I think there are two I am likely to mesh well with. Now I’m waiting for a call back and waiting is the worst.

I’m fragile right now, but my husband and I are doing our best to get through it together.

Tonight, he had a good idea. And he won (500 to 275 in six hands).

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