Posted in December 2012

The levy is broken

When I was barely 16, our town flooded. The Flood of 1997 in Grand Forks, North Dakota was the second time in my life that something thatĀ happened to meĀ caused me to go into survival mode. It seems the experience of separating my pelvis during childbirth (officially, the condition is known as diastasis symphysis pubis) and … Continue reading

Don’t let my situation scare you

Don’t let my situation scare you

A friend I have known for years is expecting her first baby. This is very exciting and I was thrilled to visit with her today. I learned that she is having some discomfort in her back and hips. This entry is for her because as I thought about it I realized had I known someone … Continue reading

On the move

On the move

I did a lot of walking around campus today. I had an appointment, then lunch, then three more appointments, all over campus back-to-back. When I set off on this string of appointments at 9:45 a.m., I was a bit nervous about how things would go, if I would have the stamina to make it from … Continue reading

Suffering is optional

I’ve talked here before about the power of positive thinking. It’s tough. But it works for me. Sure, there are people who think you’re a pollyanna or something when you look on the bright side. But the alternative is dreary and dreary is very bad for me. Yesterday, one of the Twitter followers for @SeparatedBirth … Continue reading

Phase 3

It just hit me that we are not in Phase 2 anymore. Phase 2 was the nickname I gave the period of surgery and after. At the time I came up with it I’m pretty sure I assumed that Phase 2 would last the rest of my life. It was life after a separated pelvis. … Continue reading

All patched up and ready to go

All patched up and ready to go

There were days I thought what happened to day never would. There were many excruciating days before my pelvic reconstruction surgery to repair diastasis symphysis pubis sustained during childbirth. And on many of those days in the months after our son’s birth in January 2012, my husband and I wondered if I would ever get … Continue reading

Taking it up a notch

Amy really made me kick it up a notch on Monday at physical therapy. And today I physically feel pretty amazing. This has been a weird few days emotionally, but physically, I haven’t felt this good muscle burn since I was training for the half-marathon. I have a new series of exercises to do at … Continue reading

A Royal baby

News broke yesterday of a baby for William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I reacted to this news, which tabloids have been speculating about since probably the day after the world met Pipa’s hind-end, in a way that surprised even me. I burst into tears. At work no less. For the second time … Continue reading

Finding rhythm

I’m starting to find a rhythm in this new, post wheelchair, post pelvic reconstruction surgery life with my husband and son. And I think making it all work is getting easier with each passing week. For the last several weeks I have noticed that by the end of the weekend I’m more aware of my … Continue reading