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Reading aloud

Tonight I have to read my letters out loud. I have read them over and over in my head. I’m trying to prepare myself for hearing the words I wrote. But I’m sure there is no way around it. I’m sure I will bawl. And maybe that’s a good thing. So why am I nervous … Continue reading

Dear Pelvis

Dear Pelvis

So I guess I’m officially having a conversation with my pelvis. Last night, instead of writing more from my pelvis to myself (see previous post), I responded. Dear Pelvis, Thank you for saying what you had to say. Heart, Gut, Brain and Intuition all agree with you. But right now — as the weather crashes … Continue reading

Homework assignment

At therapy last week I got a homework assignment: Write a letter to yourself, from your pelvis. Maybe this sounds crazy, she said, and you don’t have to agree. But what do you think of that? Here’s the kicker: I have to read it aloud at my next appointment. I have to put it on … Continue reading

Apparently, I have C-PTSD

My counselor recently told me I have Complex/Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At my most recent appointment, not quite a week ago, she told me this as a fact: “You have Chronic PTSD” and read me the official diagnostic criteria for this condition. Based on what she read and the analysis she shared with me, … Continue reading

Sleep, where are you?

Ever sense my first real EMDR appointment last week, I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m not having nightmares, I just can’t STOP until around 1 a.m. And I have no clue if the therapy and this problem are related. Like the Little Guy, I have always been a good sleeper. Once I’m out, I’m out. … Continue reading