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Giving thanks

A friend and colleague and I were talking the other day about exercise and how just a few days away can make a profound impact. He works out daily to stay in shape and keep off weight. I stretch and do a rotation of physical therapy exercises to stay limber. The importance of movement for … Continue reading

The levy is broken

When I was barely 16, our town flooded. The Flood of 1997 in Grand Forks, North Dakota was the second time in my life that something thatĀ happened to meĀ caused me to go into survival mode. It seems the experience of separating my pelvis during childbirth (officially, the condition is known as diastasis symphysis pubis) and … Continue reading

Suffering is optional

I’ve talked here before about the power of positive thinking. It’s tough. But it works for me. Sure, there are people who think you’re a pollyanna or something when you look on the bright side. But the alternative is dreary and dreary is very bad for me. Yesterday, one of the Twitter followers for @SeparatedBirth … Continue reading

Phase 3

It just hit me that we are not in Phase 2 anymore. Phase 2 was the nickname I gave the period of surgery and after. At the time I came up with it I’m pretty sure I assumed that Phase 2 would last the rest of my life. It was life after a separated pelvis. … Continue reading

Working out the kinks

What an amazing weekend. I started out bummed because my son and I would miss out on the Saturday football game and volleyball match on campus. After a trial run of getting the Little Guy in the car by myself — which wasn’t completely successful – I opted for staying home. I was bummed to … Continue reading

Shots – again

Shots – again

If it weren’t for my twice daily shots — blood-thinners to keep me healthy while I’m banned from using my legs — I think I would be pretty comfortable with my situation right now. Shots suck. Before I was discharged from the hospital after surgery to repair the diastasis symphsis pubis I sustained during the … Continue reading


According to the state, I am “disabled”. Sitting at the DMV office this afternoon with my husband was a lot more emotional than I figured it would be. Pretty much everything about Blue Sunshine and not being able to use my legs has felt like an emotional upper-cut, actually. My handicap parking permit is valid … Continue reading

A taste of what is to come

A taste of what is to come

We are in Omaha spending time with family this weekend. It is an important time for my husband’s family to be together. It is an incredible, humorous and deeply loving family that I consider myself lucky to be a part of. If you pray, please include them all. The visit also is giving me a … Continue reading