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Six months later

It has been six months since my first blog post. No, this will not be a confession of any kind. But it will be a chance to reflect on how different things are for my husband, the Little Guy and me. On August 5, when I started this blog, I was awaiting surgery to repair … Continue reading

New Year. New me?

New Year. New me?

This time last year I was very pregnant. I ate a typical American diet, although I was paying attention to nutrition because of my unborn son. I had stopped exercising regularly because I had a regulation-sized basketball trapped under my ribcage and couldn’t do much of anything comfortably. The right side of my lower back … Continue reading

First class

It’s January 3, 2013. The holidays are behind us, there’s lots of cold weather still ahead of us and I wake up everyday feeling the responsibility of keeping myself well. Today, I did something new in that effort. I attended my first ever yoga class. The class was small, three other women, me and the … Continue reading

Phase 3

It just hit me that we are not in Phase 2 anymore. Phase 2 was the nickname I gave the period of surgery and after. At the time I came up with it I’m pretty sure I assumed that Phase 2 would last the rest of my life. It was life after a separated pelvis. … Continue reading

Taking it up a notch

Amy really made me kick it up a notch on Monday at physical therapy. And today I physically feel pretty amazing. This has been a weird few days emotionally, but physically, I haven’t felt this good muscle burn since I was training for the half-marathon. I have a new series of exercises to do at … Continue reading