Guest Blog: Backwards down the number line

It’s Friday morning at 11 and you’re in surgery right now. While the little guy is happy and quiet I’m going to try and guest blog for you like you asked.

Two days ago you “let” me go to a Phish concert in Kansas City. This was going to be our first trip together to see them and your first trip overall. The obvious complications that would make it hard for you to walk to our seat and then stand or sit for four hours forced me to find someone else. My best friend, Tony, was a very suitable replacement as this would be our third Phish show together. We’re a lot older than the last time we went. We bypassed the $5 parking lot and opted for the $10 paved lot that was a lot closer to the gates. As a result, we missed out on the pre-show entertainment that Phish-heads are known to provide and instead parked with the crowd that could afford the parking because after the show ended they went back to their jobs.

It was an awesome show and I certainly hope it’s not our last chance to see them. I know you’ve done a lot of thinking about this injury and your upcoming surgery and I know that many times you’ve told me that we will get our old lives back.

Actually, I disagree. When we decided to have our little guy we knew we were giving up our old lives and mutually agreeing to build new lives with our child. We will never have that old life back and I’m fine with it. We will, however, get the life we want very soon.

The little guy’s first pictures may remind you of the pain you’re going through, but his first memories will be of us being the parents we are very excited about becoming. He’ll remember camping trips and weekend drives across a rolling Kansas highway. He’ll remember a mom and dad who are full of energy and want to share that energy with him.

We will get the life we want together. We may end up losing a year, but we will get that time back.

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