In over my head?

square root of x
I started classes this week. I work at a university and one of the greatest benefits that come with a job on campus is one free class per semester. When we got here I decided I should make the most of that opportunity.

While I was wheelchair-bound, post pelvic reconstruction surgery to fix the diastasis symphysis pubis I sustained during childbirth, I applied to the Master of Liberal Studies program. I’ll take two classes per semester and earn a degree for half-price.

One of those classes is completely in my comfort zone – World Geography and Literature. This one is part of the standard MLS program and I’m already loving it. The other – dun, dun, DUN – College Algebra!

Yes. I, a word person to the core, did this to myself. It’s a prerequisite for the database creation class I want to take as part of the program that I am tailoring. But I’ll be honest, this is so far out of my comfort zone I’d like to send myself a postcard.

The upshot is there are definitely other people in the room who are as lost as I am. I heard one guy tell the professor “I haven’t taken a math class since Junior Year” (in high school). I wanted to stand up and say: “I haven’t taken a math class in 11 years!”

Last night it took me about four hours to complete the homework. Just 31 problems from the book and five from our online resource that comes with the book. Four hours. And I still couldn’t figure out a few of them. If anyone can explain how to factor a square root, I’m all ears. (I’ll ask tomorrow. But the book was not helpful.) The online homework said my √18 was “the correct number but was not presented in the correct form. Please refer to your text.” AWESOME!

I thought at 12:30 in the morning: “I guess that just means it’s time for bed. ”

Today in class, the professor helped me factor part of an equation but there wasn’t time to ask her about the √ thing. BUT — my sister is coming and numbers are her chocolate. She’ll know what to do.

I have more homework. But it’s not due until next Wednesday, the same day we have our first QUIZ. I get a bit anxious thinking about it. But I know I can do this.

This is nothing. It’s just a semester’s worth of College Algebra. Nothing compared to the last year. Nothing compared to life the pain that came with my diastasis symphysis pubis and learning to be a mom.

And when I’m done I’ll be ready and able to help the Little Guy with his homework.

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