Posted in January 2013

Wild Thing

In an effort to ensure my pelvis remains strong for the rest of my life, I’m taking a yoga class. I’m a bit more than four months post pelvic reconstruction surgery and about three weeks shy of a year from the day I separated my symphysis pubis during the natural birth of my son. From … Continue reading

Little Guy limits

The Little Guy is testing his limits lately. I know he should be because he’s going to be a year old soon and that’s what babies that age do. Logically, I know he’s exploring his world and getting to know it, and us, through his actions. But emotionally it’s been tough. When we picked him … Continue reading

First class

It’s January 3, 2013. The holidays are behind us, there’s lots of cold weather still ahead of us and I wake up everyday feeling the responsibility of keeping myself well. Today, I did something new in that effort. I attended my first ever yoga class. The class was small, three other women, me and the … Continue reading