Our vegan baby

We attended our third Meetup group meeting tonight. The group is a vegetarian/vegan/raw potluck and it has been great to meet other vegans in our community.

Each time we’ve gone, someone has been absolutely taken with our “vegan baby.” I’m not talking about the standard “What a cute baby” type stuff. I’m talking about, “Oh, my goodness! A vegan baby! This is so exciting. See, honey. They have a VEGAN baby!” Tonight’s meet-up included another group, so there were a lot of people we didn’t know. The Little Guy was really good during the presentation and afterward, one of the organizers stood up and said, “I have an announcement. We have a vegan baby here!”

veggies and fruits in the shape of a heartThere were oohs and aahs and one woman clapped. On our walk home, my husband and I laughed about it. I said: “What about us? He doesn’t know any better. We’re the ones who made the big change!” I think about that sometimes. Right now, he has it easy because he doesn’t know any better. He doesn’t miss Canadian bacon and mushroom pizza with real cheese the way I do on a very rare occasion. He doesn’t miss anything because vegan eating is all he’s known. But it could be tough for him growing up.

He’ll likely be picked on. He might be called names, or have someone try to pick a fight with him over his tofu for lunch. At some point he might even say he hates us, or scream that he just wants to be normal. I hope we will teach him ways to brush it off or educate someone. I hope he appreciates what we’re doing for his health, our health and our planet. And I REALLY hope he will have at least one vegan friend who is his age. We haven’t met another vegan family with children yet, but we’re trying.

We’ll teach him about why we made the choice to eat plant-strong. We saw a documentary called Forks Over Knives when he was about to transition to table food. We couldn’t NOT make the switch. The information in that documentary — coupled with my concerns related to family history and our joint concern about the need to generally get healthier. We’ll teach him about how poor diet was a major contributor to my father’s death at age 54 because of complications from Type II Diabetes. And we’ll keep teaching him about fruits and vegetables we love. He already says banana and avocado — his favorites. And we’ll teach him about all the good being plant-strong does for animals and the health of the planet.

I think, therefore I've vegan

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