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Six months later

It has been six months since my first blog post. No, this will not be a confession of any kind. But it will be a chance to reflect on how different things are for my husband, the Little Guy and me. On August 5, when I started this blog, I was awaiting surgery to repair … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

It’s just after midnight on my son’s first birthday. I should be overwhelmed with joy right now. Instead, part of me wishes I could throw a plate through a window. I’m angry. I’m sad. And I’m weak right now. I’m angry because I feel like I got cheated out of the first nearly 10 months … Continue reading

The more you know: Birth injuries

No one is perfect. No labor experience is perfect. But unless a professional tells you something is abnormal, you don’t go in expecting trauma. I am grateful every day that it was me who sustained injury rather than my son. That’s not always the case. And sometimes both mother and baby are injured in severe … Continue reading

New Year. New me?

New Year. New me?

This time last year I was very pregnant. I ate a typical American diet, although I was paying attention to nutrition because of my unborn son. I had stopped exercising regularly because I had a regulation-sized basketball trapped under my ribcage and couldn’t do much of anything comfortably. The right side of my lower back … Continue reading

“Ignorance is bliss”

The last few days have given me a new appreciation of the phrase “ignorance is bliss.” The phrase used to make my skin crawl. Anytime I heard it I couldn’t help but think “No. Ignorance means you don’t care enough about yourself or others to learn the truth.” But Sunday, Monday and today have taught … Continue reading

The letter

This weekend, before my husband left for a four day road trip, I wrote the letter I’d been dreading. I put it off for months because of all of the emotions wrapped up in it and my need to be constructive. I dreaded writing it because I thought it would take me all day to … Continue reading

Don’t let my situation scare you

Don’t let my situation scare you

A friend I have known for years is expecting her first baby. This is very exciting and I was thrilled to visit with her today. I learned that she is having some discomfort in her back and hips. This entry is for her because as I thought about it I realized had I known someone … Continue reading

100 women everyday

Early in this process I discovered a statistic that I have shared here before. Everyday across the globe, 1 in 3,000 women will substantially injury her pelvis in childbirth (or pregnancy). And everyday across the world, about 30,000 women give birth. That means every single day, 100 women experience an injury like mine. It is … Continue reading