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Empty and full

Empty and full

I have a confession: I’m no longer a breastfeeding mom. But I am still a Mom. And I will soon be a healthy one. It has been more than two weeks since I last breastfed my son. We began the process of weaning on Aug. 24, the day I had pelvic reconstruction surgery to repair … Continue reading

Rough night

The Little Guy had a fitful night. He went to sleep great at 8:30 p.m., just like any other night. But just before 1 a.m. he was up and practically inconsolable. I am not exaggerating when I say this has happened maybe three times since he was a four-month-old. This morning, my husband had to … Continue reading

The beginning of the end of breastfeeding

For the first time today I faced the realization that I am weaning my son. Dr. Sojka told me prior to surgery that I would need to wean my son because the hormones that remain active in the body of a breastfeeding woman keep ligaments from tightening. After the discovery of my soft bones, weaning … Continue reading

So lucky

I am a lucky woman. Every day I am reminded to be thankful for everything I have. At the top of that list: an amazing husband who loves me as much as I love him and a vibrant, healthy little boy who looks at me like I’m the only thing in the whole world that … Continue reading