So lucky

I am a lucky woman.

Every day I am reminded to be thankful for everything I have. At the top of that list: an amazing husband who loves me as much as I love him and a vibrant, healthy little boy who looks at me like I’m the only thing in the whole world that matters.

I have spent time cherishing the two of them a little more every day for the past few weeks. Ever since I stumbled upon a comment from a woman I don’t know who posted on a Baby Center forum. She wrote that she separated her pelvis in 2011 while delivering her son who was “born sleeping.” I have thought about her physical pain, her suffering, her loss.

I have had days along this road where I am certain if it weren’t for that happy baby smile I would have spent the day in bed, crying and feeling self-pitty. If I couldn’t hear him sing along with me as I sing Amazing Grace before bed, I may not have pushed myself to keep it together until bedtime. Without those little hands and little feet, I might not remember why I’m fighting so hard to get better.

I cannot fathom coping with this physical pain and the emotional pain of losing a child.

It has been a few weeks since I first saw this woman’s post and I think of her every day. I signed up for a Baby Center profile today just so I could write to her. I shared how her post has touched my soul. I asked if she still had pain and told her about how a doctor at the University of Kansas Medical Center is going to help me through orthopedic surgery.

I hope time has healed this woman’s physical injuries and that she is pain free. I hope she was able to conceive and deliver a healthy child, or has considered adoption, foster care or some other means of bringing the joy of a child into her life. I hope she has peace.

Friends – please keep this woman in your thoughts.

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