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Research as a trigger

Research as a trigger

I have mentioned here before that I’m working toward a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the university where I work. As part of that effort, I’m currently enrolled in a graduate research course. My task: A 30-page research paper on a topic of my choosing. I chose to research pelvic girdle pain broadly and, … Continue reading

Lessons from my son

They say a parent is a child’s first teacher. I hope that proves true for me and my 11-month-old son as he grows. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately because I’m about to start work on a master’s degree. (My first class starts in about 30 minutes.) What I can say for sure … Continue reading

The more you know: Birth injuries

No one is perfect. No labor experience is perfect. But unless a professional tells you something is abnormal, you don’t go in expecting trauma. I am grateful every day that it was me who sustained injury rather than my son. That’s not always the case. And sometimes both mother and baby are injured in severe … Continue reading