Something to look forward to

Calendar, week of Aug. 19-25, with Aug. 24 circled in red.

Surgery is scheduled. We’ll check in at KU Med Center at 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 24.

Part of me hates that I still have to wait that much longer. But it was necessary. Dr. Sojka said we couldn’t schedule the surgery until I had a  place to go home to. We live on the third floor right now. Our lease is up at the end of August and the apartment complex worked with us so we could get into a first floor unit in our building. But the earliest opportunity for us to get the keys is Aug. 24 at 4 p.m. We’ll at least have the bed downstairs by the time I get home.

The night before surgery, my mother-in-law will come down from Omaha to be with us. She’ll be with my guys during surgery and be able to help take care of the little one. We’ll need to leave really early and for some reason I’m already reminding myself not to forget the little guys milk. He eats cereal and a fruit or veggie everyday, but primarily he is breastfed. I will be able to feed him in the morning and either feed him or pump just before surgery.

From what I’ve been told I will need to dump the milk that is produced while I am under anesthesia, and once I am awake the milk produced will be safe. I worked with the family doctor today at the little guy’s six-month check up to figure out which pain medications (for the initial aftermath) and blood thinner (for the entire time I am in the wheelchair) will be safest for him, too.

I’m looking forward to what I’m calling “Phase 2” and the chance to heal myself from the inside out.

We were told to expect 10 to 12 weeks of no weight-bearing for my pelvis. That means I’m either in bed or in a wheelchair all the time. Once I’m cleared to bear weight I will start physical therapy to regain strength in my legs. I’ll use the walker again during that time, too. That sounds incredibly daunting, but I keep reminding myself that I’ve dealt with this for so long already I know I can handle what comes next.

I’m anxious about the logistics of my recovery. When should we go pick out a wheelchair? I’m guessing I’ll need a shower chair, too. Maybe even an adult-sized potty chair thing. Our apartment isn’t wheelchair accessible and I don’t have a clue how hard it will be to get myself from the chair to the throne.

No matter what stress I’m feeling, I know it will be worth it when I can run with my guys. When I can sleep lying flat on my back or on my side. It will be worth it when I can stand on one leg, our get through a workday without feeling like I can’t take another step.

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