Think of him

It seems new challenges are presenting themselves every day.

Today, for the first time in my life, I felt like the Universe was working against me. The stress bubbled up and we hollered at each other because there’s really nothing else we can do. I cried, he comforted me and when I told him I felt like things were working against us he reminded me how far we’ve come. How we’ve faced everything so far head on. And we’re not stopping now.

Friends and family, the next time you think of me think of him. Send positive energy and well wishes to the man who is holding me together right now. He’s doing his best to mend the cracks in me, to remind me we will get through this together. And he’s doing it while working, taking care of the little guy, packing and taking care of business like getting the utilities switched. Right now, he’s loading the dishwasher while I lay in bed and the little guy is asleep in his crib.

If the Universe was against me I wouldn’t have found him. This is just another bump in the road and we will navigate together.

our hands clasped.

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