Proactive healing

Yesterday I started taking a zinc supplement in addition to my daily multi-vitiman. My husband did some research about wound care and the necessary minerals and zinc is essential.

So, we stopped by Whole Foods and he got a supplement. (I stayed in the car with the little guy.) I told my mom about the plan and it made her nervous. She told me not to get too much. (I’m not. I’m taking one 30 mg pill daily.)

Apparently at some point she was deemed zinc deficient and she had to take a supplement. She said for awhile it made her nauseated, which was a sign she was getting too much. Once her dose was regulated she felt better.

Because zinc is crucial for a wound to heal, because it may be something our plant-based diet does not provide me in over-abundance and because we were told infection is the No. 1 risk of my surgery it seemed like a good thing to do. One thing he found online said to start it six weeks ahead of a surgery, but we’re doing our best.

We decided to transition to a plant-strong lifestyle on May 20, 2012 for health reasons.

  • Our son was about to start eating foods. What parent doesn’t want to give their child the healthiest start possible? We decided to give him the best chance possible to avoid the fate of my father, who died at 55 years old from complications of type two diabetes after more than a year receiving kidney dialysis.
  • According to his body mass index, my husband is obese. He wanted to improve his overall health in a meaningful and lasting way.
  • My husband has an allergy to non-primate mammal meat. That meant we already were eating only meat from animals that fly or swim and I’m lactose intolerant so we already drank soy or almond milk. I was a MAJOR cheese fan, but paid for it every time.
  • And the more we read, the more convinced we are that this is the right thing for us.

So far, my husband has lost 38 pounds. I am below my pre-pregnancy weight — in spite of not being able to work out because of my injury. And we both had measurable drops in our cholesterol, confirmed by a fasting full panel test at Walgreen’s.

If you’re interested, any of these websites will help you:


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