NP and LG to the rescue!

Today was monumental. We went from about five boxes packed to more than a dozen boxes and tubs ready to go.

Two dear college friends (who will marry each other in 53 weeks!) are here from Des Moines to help us. Tomorrow, while we are at work and the little guy is at daycare, they will scrub our place and fill more boxes.

They came ready with cleaning supplies and packing tape, encouraging words and a new pair of pajamas for me. They brought some clothes, a book and a toy for the little guy and a few other things to make the next several months a little more comfortable.

We are lucky to have such wonderfully supportive people in our lives.

They took care to dust and pack things on our shelves, then took the shelves off the wall. They wouldn’t let me do too much and gave me lots of reasons to smile and laugh.

NP, one of my best friends for the last 10 years, has been following this blog closely so we didn’t really even have to talk about how I’m feeling. We just got to be ourselves.

We fed them a plant strong dinner that he cooked (as usual it was terrific!) and we watched some Pawn Stars. He even went for a run while NP and I fed the little guy some peach puree and put him to bed. (The little guy is plant strong, too. Everything he eats is a whole food and most of it is organic. Except for the whole grain cereal we buy, my husband purees all the little guys food in our Vitamix.)

Today we got to feel normal. And NP, LG and my husband kept me in line. They all made sure I didn’t lift too much, walk too much or stand too much. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Thank you SO MUCH for making the trip. I can’t wait to visit more — and get more accomplished — tomorrow night.

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