NP and LG to the rescue, part 2

Holy cow! If you would have told me I would come home today to two sparkling bathrooms, five loads of cleaned and folded laundry and gobs of boxes and tubs stacked neatly and filling two-thirds of the living room I wouldn’t have believed you. I should have.

The stereotype of the Midwestern work ethic was created because of people like these two. While my husband and I gave it our all at our respective jobs, these two were doing everything they could to make things a little easier for us. Let me give you some examples:

  • They brought a tub full of cleaning and moving supplies — paper towels, all purpose cleaning wipes and spray, a Swiffer and extra pads, plus boxes, packing tape, labels and a Sharpie. The tub is now packed full of clean laundry.
  • They scrubbed everything I won’t be able to – the tubs, walls, floors, etc.
  • She sold the little guy’s bouncy seat to a friend in Des Moines who is expecting in October. She handed me $20 and loaded the seat into their car for delivery.

We took them to dinner at the best Thai place in town and sent them on their way. She’ll be back in a few weeks. I’m already looking forward to it. In the next few days she will guest blog here. I’m eager to see what she has to say. She was the one that encouraged me to add a “How you can help” page to this blog and the questions she peppered me with in email over the last several weeks gave me the idea to blog about the situation. Without her, and my husband coming up with the terrific Separated At Birth title, I may not be doing this. And I find it very helpful.

THANK YOU, dear friends, for your love, care and support these last two days and always. I WILL dance at your wedding. And I will not need a walker or cane to get down the aisle in whatever dress you decide you want me and the bridesmaid crew to ware. I love you guys.

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