Thank you, E!

A very dear friend came to visit this weekend. She drove all the way from Minneapolis to see me and meet my son.

We had a great visit! We went to Prairie Glass Studio and made sun catchers. It was like nothing either one of us have ever done. We learned to cut the glass, learned about different types of glass for art and met a great local small business owner. (Our pieces are being fired this week and I will pick them up on Saturday.) Then we went to the second floor of the same building to my favorite place to eat and talked for three hours. It was like the old days in Omaha when we worked at the same newspaper.

She is a wonderful listener who never says “I know how you feel.” She is a respectful listener who asks thoughtful questions. The kind of listener who helps you harness what you’re frustrated about (in my case) and uncover thoughts and emotions to allow breakthrough. She has taught me so much and it was truly a gift to have her here to help push me along on the last bit of this road.

We talked about everything and just enjoyed each other’s company. And my son made a new friend. She made the little guy giggle and we all sang together. She rocked him to sleep, even put him to bed. She let him play with her necklace. He really liked her shinny, green necklace.

While she was here, the love and care I felt was overwhelming. It was her, but it was everyone who’s sent me a card, too. And it was wonderful.

Thank you, E, for the sacrifice you made to visit me. Thank you for your followthrough, for always doing what you say you will. Thank you, again, for the chair cushion. Thank you for listening, talking and teaching. Thank you for your love and care, now and always.

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