Preparing for the future

The final presidential debate is on. Foreign policy this time.

I take my decision as a voter seriously and I am trying to pay attention, but I’m in a lot of pain today and my mind is racing. Stiffness, back pain and that stupid shot have compounded a bad day at work and there’s LOTS of personal stuff happening to family and friends. All of that is making it hard to focus.

And I’m thinking about my appointment on Thursday morning. I know I will have another series of x-rays. And I know Dr. Sojka will do some sort of evaluation to determine if I am ready to begin physical therapy. I don’t know what will happen. I am hoping I get to stand up. Maybe even take a step. But it is very possible that I won’t take a step, that I will learn I need to wait the full 12 weeks to start therapy. I have to be ready for either. I have to stay focused on the future. Focused on my return to my legs.

I am hopeful that when I cast my ballot in 15 days that I will do it standing. Maybe with a walker, or crutches, but standing.

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