I learned a very exciting thing about myself during yoga practice today.

I can now to the Cobra pose without pain. My personal version of Cobra is probably much like the one pictured here. (There is no way I could do the super deep back bend you’ll see when you search this pose online!) Please note: This image is not mine. I got it from this very cool blog about fighting osteoporosis naturally.

In previous attempts I had to stop this pose immediately because of the pressure it put directly on my pubic bone. This time, I was able to hold the pose and feel a very healthy stretch without pain. To me, that is an indication of at least one of the following:

  • The titanium plate that now holds the front of my pelvis together is throughly fused to the bone and the scar tissue that now exists where the cartilage of my symphysis joint once did has healed.
  • The muscles of my inner core are stronger now and are able to protect my pubic bone more sufficiently.

Either way, it is exciting. Our practice today was wonderful. Out the window of the gym the world looked like a snow globe. Inside, I was warm, focused on my breath and, as it turned out, I gained the peace that comes with doing something well for the first time. After class I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of strength training. (Thanks to spring break on campus and the rather relaxed approach everyone working seems to have about this week.)

I am incredibly motivated. I will not let the fact that I sustained diastasis symphysis pubis overshadow what I will do, or what I will do with my husband and son. Spring is nearly hear and soon it will be time to hit the hiking trails. I’ve got a whole summer to make up for. And a lifetime of summers ahead.

This week Cobra. Maybe next time a full side plank?

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